Tell me how many times a day do we judge others????or may be become a victim of others judgments??

Judging and forming your own impressions based on examples like-

Appearances-“Oh look she is so fat….I guess she doesn’t work out or she is a lazy bum”(As if you are feeding your own food” (You never know and understand how desperately she is struggling hard to loose those extra pounds)

profile pics-“I am sure this photo of his is photo shopped,no way he could be so handsome” (Are you  his make up artist????)

Jobs-“He deserves the low paid job…. he is a lazy bug,he doesn’t work hard”(Tell me are you paying his bills???)

“Do you know she is very good at buttering her boss…that is the reason for her successful career”(Did you sponsored for her education????)

Housewife-“Oh God why the hell she can’t work???She is enjoying her husband’s money….My god I can’t be so relaxed as her”(Tell me is she enjoying your husband’s money???She has a luxury to choose….why do you howl at some one’s life???May be she is battling  her own combats inside her head…who knows??)

Broken marriages-“All is her/his fault…..they  could have work on their relationship with some patience may be”(Do you know how many scars and bruises are on her/his soul….the most difficult painful thing in this world is to give upon one’s own marriage)

Color of skin-Assessing prompt conclusions based on their color of skin and discriminating people’s behavior solely through superficial impressions (Remember no one chooses their own skin color,race,blood-why do people judge some one’s character based on their skin color???)

Judging by the Luxury brands-Dressing up in branded clothes,handbags,watches doesn’t define your value.Yes of course they enhances your outer look but what about your inner self???

Does the same iphone x,branded watch that you purchased gives you the same amount of happiness even after a year also??

“Remember Your self worth is not determined by your net worth”

And the list goes on and on….

There is a famous quote I would like to share with you guys-

“Counting other people’s sins does not make you a saint”

All I wanted to tell you is that-

“Judging other people is some times  an involuntary reflex and inevitable too at certain junctures…..….it is acceptable until it does not negatively influence other people’s life and most importantly your own life.When you scan your thoughts deeply you realize that one’s own fears,insecurities,negativity,flaws,dislikes,lack of courage,your jealous nature come into picture when you start judging others”

“Give opinions but not  judgements”

“Don’t confine your impressions based on your own limited perceptions of what you see.Every one has their own untold stories,surviving daily struggles,battling with their own existence.There is already so much of hatred in this world,let your good heart and kindness light up some one’s life”





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When we were young 💕 !!!!

“Strutting and strolling beneath the sunshine of memory lane
traces of my nostalgic flashbacks of past ensued
Stirring memories of my powerful young passionate love,

Flickering its sparks like a burning flame

Naive,honest,painful,innocent all together intertwined syn-chronically
Like the thoroughfare of roses and thorns twined together collectively

and the solemn promise that it will last forever…….

cherishing and leaping into those deepest mysterious memories
all my thoughts lingered like trills of a good old song

accursed and perplexed that it did not last for long

cherished and flexed fortuitously that it transpired for a reason!!!!!!

Young Couple In Quarrel Sitting On Rocks




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Be Unique!!!!

To all those voices in your head,
To all those scars of your gone-by past
To all those judgments and humiliations

Barking around with their own perceptions
Remarking their brawl loud opinions

swirling down with your life’s hindrances
drowning in  those screeching contemplating presumptions

Let me tell you

your trials and tribulations are peerless
your path is convincingly in-suppressible
Your worth is not defined by their illusions
Your power is your belief
Your seductive charm is eternal

Illuminate your beauty by being the way you are
Jubilate your celestial uniqueness wondrously

Being different makes you unique
Being magnificent is being you

Be Unique Be you!!!!!!









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The queen!!!!!

“Drifting along with the light breeze
Pondering in her own shadows
exhausted and broken as a
knocked down Gravitated warrior
striving with daily battles
entangled in her own strands
not anticipated to be rescued
on the verge of her tears
Her limitless inner strength exploded
Awakening her intuitions
that she can be as wild as a wolf
or as gentle as a peaceful dove
Her sanctuary of stillness is within her own heart
Her strength is Much stronger than
all her disappointments and betrayals
No storms can erase her burning courage 
reminding her that she has already turned her pain into power

she is the ruler of her own destiny

A divine fearless queen!!!!!!




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Toxic effects of Emotional abuse !!!!

“You are being too emotional”

“Darling you are very sensitive”

“Don’t make a big deal out of it sweetheart,I don’t mean in that sense”

“You probably have a rough child hood”

Any behavior/action which is designed to control,misuse,intimidate,hurt repeatedly and intentionally affecting the emotional well being of an individual is called as EMOTIONAL ABUSE.

This form of abuse solely doesn’t stick only to your partner,this can be from your family,colleagues,friends,siblings,relatives and your loved ones.It cannot be overlooked,brushed off under the carpet nor denied.

Major red flags of Emotional abuse-

  1. They make you feel vulnerable and mock you most of the times.
  2. Never respect your boundaries.
  3. They make you feel stupid/foolish with their hurtful,demeaning jokes which makes you doubt your self worth.
  4. Everything is one-sided.It’s always you who compromises,tackles and deal with most of the situations.
  5. You feel shame/guilt in all circumstances.
  6. They love controlling you.It can be financial or emotional too and be very dominating.
  7. Disregards your opinions and needs.Very Judgmental and manipulative.
  8. Never acknowledge your problems.
  9. Lack empathy and compassion.
  10. They seem like most innocent,caring,loving person in your life once the abusive incident subsides.
  11. They damage your belief systems.

These are only few red flags that can give you a brief overview of the behavior of an abusive person.

Now the best part is How to deal with these kind of people????

1No blame game


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Remember you are not the culprit.Most importantly “Don’t blame yourself….Just simply remind yourself that you are a kind person reacting to unkind situations”

Don’t confine yourself to the cage of abuse.It’s not about you…it is only their insecurities,flaws they are projecting towards you.

“Just because you love them doesn’t mean they can treat you like a douche bag”

2-Shift the focal point on you-


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Even after being compassionate,empathetic,forgiving towards abusers they generally never change,they still remain as the same stupid jerks most of the times.It is a cycle that is repeated in the same way with a clear pattern.Be practical that emotional abusers can not be changed very easily.Then the only quick fix would be shifting your attention and focus on your own self.

Work on your deeper core values and come into terms that you still have time and possibility to become the master of your own destiny only if you are able to realize that you don’t deserve any kind of abuse.

3-Stand up for your self-


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If you don’t stand up for your self the abuse never stops.Act rational not emotional when you are reacting to your abuser.Let your affirmations be clear,calm,confident and powerful.Let them know that you are not ready to accept their mean behavior and don’t let them handle your power.

4-Legal help-

Seek the help from professionals,family counselling,local community or your family/friends when you feel the abuse is outrageous and out of control.Never hesitate to look for support if needed.Of course it takes time to re-build your self after abuse but there is always a possibility of hope to overcome your pain rather than suffering in silence.

5-Leave them/Set your boundaries-


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If nothing above works you always have an option to leave them/cut ties with them completely forever.There is no mandatory rule that you need to continue the abusive relationship if its suffocating you. Setting up boundaries will definitely reduce the encounters with the abusers.Never feel guilty saying NO if required.Don’t let their emotions ruin your life.

“Remember you can always get through it”




The liebster Award!!!!

Firstly I would like to thank Aprendiz https://argentwritten.wordpress.com/  for nominating me for the Liebster award.I truly feel honored and humbled and thank you so much for choosing me.I know you have nominated me for sunshine blogger award too that really means a lot to me…….I appreciate it!!!

Please check out Aprendiz blog for inspiring,powerful and beautiful writings.I am pretty sure you guys would love them too!!!!


The rules for the 2018 award are as follows:

•  Thank the person who nominated you
• Display the award on your post
• Provide 10 random facts about yourself
• Answer the questions given to you
• Nominate 5-11 other blogs for this award
• Ask them creative and unique questions of your own
• List the rules and inform your nominees of the award

10 Random Facts about me-

  1. I love Petrichor (smell of earth after rain)
  2. I can count my friends on fingers,nope I am not antisocial/intelligent/arrogant I simply believe in quality not quantity.
  3. I can’t stand clutter it triggers my anxiety.
  4. I am a Maltese person(it’s a dog breed)
  5. I instinctively tap my feet to any song
  6. I meditate daily.
  7. I like walking in the woods it feels magical and calm.
  8. I love gardening,I feel it connects me to the nature.
  9. I have been suffering from depression since many years but now I am not ashamed of it,of course it hits me now and then but I understood it is due to chemical imbalance in my brain and now I acknowledge it and don’t blame my self anymore,I just let it flow and be kind to my self.


 Your favorite song and why ?

I love a song called “California dreaming”by The Mamas & The Papas.The lyrics of this song is simple but haunting and when ever I listen to the song it teleports me to a different world.

⭐ The most beautiful incident of your life????

I have got bunch of them but the one I treasure the most is a key chain I received from my papa(He is very conservative) as a surprise gift with a message”Be cheer…You are my heart forever” It was funny but all I could see was his unconditional love in the message and it always brings back my smile when ever I look at it.

⭐ Your definition of happiness????

“Happiness is when what you think,what you say and what you do are in harmony”- Gandhi

That’s the perfect definition according to me.

⭐ If one thing you could change in world what would it be???

I have to give this question a deep thought it would definitely be to change the global inequality of wealth distribution and eradicate hunger in this world.

⭐ Define life in a single sentence???

Life for me is just collection of experiences which are good as well as bad.

⭐ What is the dream you want to achieve no matter what.. your passion?????

I always wanted to become a public speaker and share my passion with people by motivating and inspiring them and make a difference in their life.

⭐ Why do you like blogging ???

Its been 2 months that I started blogging,I never thought I could even write a word……it was very tough for me initially but trust me by the constant support and reassurance from wonderful  readers and followers out there……. it motivated me positively and helped me to grow my self esteem and social skills.


  1. What do you love most about travel?If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?
  2. If you could have one super power what would it be and why?
  3. What do you want to be remembered for?
  4. What is one thing that you’re thankful for?
  5. How would you explain what ‘love’ is?

P.s-please feel free to ignore if you are not interested or you have been already nominated.

My nominees-

  1. https://ojspride.wordpress.com/
  2. https://girlptsddepression777.wordpress.com/
  3. https://thejobblog.net/
  4. https://avoicefromiran.wordpress.com/
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  11. https://moonchildvintagemadame.co.uk/

(I know some of the people I wanted to nominate have already been awarded,so I have not mentioned them)

Thank you so much guys for reading!!!!



Stop comparing yourself to others!!!!!

Tell me how many times a day you compare yourself to others regarding your job,financial status,physical appearance,wealthy life style,pay checks,colleagues expensive sports car,home size,number of likes,followers and the list goes on right?????

We frequently compare our lives with others and that is exquisitely acceptable if it motivates us to progress better and boost our efficiencies in a positive significant manner.So comparison makes us competitive in a good sense and it has its own pros if you perceive it in a constructive way.Even comparing our lives to people less fortunate than us will definitely help us develop compassion and empathy in our life and contributes to count our blessings and implement gratitude in one’s own life.

Now the catastrophic outlook of comparison is when it is detrimental and sabotage our self esteem and confidence finally leading to resentments which is the worst case of the comparison trap.

Do you think is it realistic to stop comparing ourselves and get rid off all our insecurities right away instantly???

My answer would be YES only if you could do your self a favor by reading these 3 effective suggestions below and implementing them in your daily life-

1-Being happy with yourself-


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Let me tell you that being happy with our self is one of the key element to wipe out the negativity of comparison trap.When you are completely happy in being your self then what is the need of comparing your life with others.Think about it.

Ask this question to your self as you read this”Yes why should I compare my life to him/her if I am happy with my self???”

Being happy doesn’t necessarily mean that everything is pleasant in your life it only means that you have upgraded your self to look beyond all your imperfections.Be consistent with your own self and be happy and remember that you have all the power to choose what you want to accept and what you want to let go in life.

Remember Inner contentment always brings peace.


2-Gratitude Gratitude Gratitude!!!!


Image courtesy-Jack Canfield

Gratitude is not over rated it is some thing which will work wonders if you follow in life.Being content is always helpful but when it comes to comparing our lives with others we often fall into its trap and ignore our virtuous blessings,so be thankful for who you are and your beautiful amazing life.

Having gratitude towards your life will compliment your well being and success.

For an instance take a white paper and write down all  of those tiny blessings and good things in your life by mentioning your positive traits too and now stick it on the wall for 7 days.Please read them daily after you wake up in the early morning systematically with devotion.

List out all your strengths….. for example-

  • “May be you cannot write wonderful poetry like your friend but you can sing amazingly”
  • May be you don’t earn millions of bucks like your school mate but you have a compassionate heart which is very much needed these days”
  • “May be you don’t have that beach body of the girl /celebrity body you see on social media but you have that gusto to achieve it(At least you have a positive aspiration)

Retrieve all your minor positive details and observe the divine act showing its miracles.

3-Self awareness-


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Self awareness is also one of the important factor to help you to stop comparing our selves to others.Introspection and ability to recognize one own self will help us to have a clear perception about our strengths,flaws,insecurities which will in course of time helps us in mastering our own life.

Pay attention to your thoughts,let them flow and take control of them and in course of time tame them becoming your own master in a positive way.Learn from your mistakes and be aware of your inner self always.Treat your self like a child.

“Try to expel yourself from perceived limitations of your mind and let your life be filled with good spirits and great joy”

I hope this helps!!!!!!!!




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