Don’t be an easy target anymore!!!!

Bullying is a repetitive purposeful abuse of tormenting an individual on a constant basis and kind of sadistic exploitation which should not be acceptable and tolerated by anyone.Bullying can happen anywhere and everywhere… can happen to our children,it might be your colleagues who constantly bully you in your office,college mates,high school,cyber-bullying and may be your family members sometimes.

Verbal humiliation,calling names,insulting,spreading atrocious rumors whatever might be the approach it makes the victim suffer silently and become vulnerable periodically.

Everyone faces bullying at one or the other point in their lives.I had been the victim of bullying during my under graduation college days…..I really never understood the core reason to it and I unknowingly blamed my self constantly and thought it’s my own faulty behavior and I felt terrible most of the time.

Here are some really helpful 5 self strategies to deal with bullying that I have learnt from years of suffering…..please check it out and do add in the comment section if you want to suggest some additional helpful advises:-

1-Stand up


Image source:Success Magazine

You need to take the stand not only for your self but for any one who is suffering.Speak against bullying…remember and get this straight into your head……no one in this universe has any right to treat you in a mean way who ever it might be.If the bullying is beyond out of hands and aggressive it is always suggestible to complaint to your higher authorities immediately.

2-Deal with them directly

If you know that you are being victimized…….let them know that their behavior is not acceptable….but sometimes if your bully is a mean coward it can backfire………so assertive communication is the life saver……..look straight into their eyes and reply back……..even you are scared and grieving deep inside…..don’t let them know that you are suffering……..if it doesn’t work for you this way you always have an option to ignore them and stop reacting  to their comments which is also an effective way to deal with.

3-It’s all about them not you

Do you know this most of the times the bully is some one who is jealous of you,having low self esteem,dealing with their own insecurities,stressed out individuals,broken families,crippled upbringing,submerged with identity crisis issues.So make yourself understand that it’s all about there blemishes that they are projecting on you.

“Don’t make yourself becoming their prey”

4-Forgive them


Image source:Workit

I know this is something hard to deal with but as I have mentioned in the above point that your bully is someone who is surrounded by a miserable sphere of troubled circumstances and chaotic life.Generating kindness and sympathy towards them and dealing in a courteous way may have a borderline of success…….if not for them at least it might help you to metamorphosis your perspective in a positive way.

5-Don’t let them define you

Just because they are pointing at your flaws and criticizing doesn’t mean that they are defining you.Stop letting their words and perceptions describe you.Their inability to know your worth should not stop being who you are.Be confident and strong.

“Always keep your chin up and remember you are an amazing blessing to this world”






17 thoughts on “Don’t be an easy target anymore!!!!

  1. It seems like energy goes where energy flows. If the bully has been treated neglectfully, they in turn try to get rid of the stickiness of how they’ve been treated by choosing someone else to pass the energy on to. When we do the things mentioned above, address them and forgive etc, it closes the door on the energy transfer. This may be the best thing that ever happened to a bully. Then they have to deal with the energy for what it really is rather than trying to pass it off on another.

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