How to increase your blog traffic????

How to increase your blog traffic is something that bugs most of the bloggers,despite some really good content that you have written in your blog and all your sincere efforts that you have applied to publish your writing,a single like and a comment from your fellow reader is comprehensively worthy to a successful blog.

To grow your blogging community here are few really interesting and effective proven ways to increase your blog traffic-

1-Meaningful content-

Have you ever wonder that even after publishing 20 posts your number of followers do not increase,regardless of numbers always remember “Quality matters most than quantity”.Don’t get disheartened if they are no followers,appreciate yourself foremost to taking that first step to write a blog,trust me writing isn’t funny nor easy job,not everybody can write….it takes practice to master it and if your consistent with it you can achieve hell lot of followers….leave about followers the most outstanding thing allΒ  you can do is to touch some one’s life and who knows may be your words can influence them in a positive and effective way.Be consistent in publishing your blogs.The more you publish the more possibilities of reaching different sectors of people.

2-Your followers are your readers-

Let me mind you cautiously I believe followers are not some one who just follow your blog randomly.They are your readers and despite of their busy lives they take time to read your blog and comment ,So always be kind enough to reply back to your readers and spend some of your time in reading other people’s blog and leaving some meaningful comments on their blogs.This technique works effectively balance it carefully,here I don’t suggest you to comment on everyone blog to achieve followers it really does not work that way,people are smart enough to find it out.They are is always a great advantage in reading other people’s blog,you get to know lot of information on different perspectives of life and they are also some really great poets who writes some wonderful poetry worth every second of your time in word press trust me.

3-Share your content-

What is the use of having great content and failing to reach everyone.Try to make use of twitter, Instagram,Facebook and other social media to publish your blog.Promote your content to new readers by the use of these sites regularly.

4-Add images and videos if required

5-use tags carefully and adding tags doubtlessly helps you to reach lot of users and let your blog displayed in google search engines too.

6-Be patient-

Last but never the least have some patience and over night success generally never happens only if you are damn lucky.So keep working and everything will fall into place gradually.Your efforts will never go unnoticed.

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